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We represent property owners, businesses and local governments facing environmental violations throughout Indiana.
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Property owners and businesses across a broad range of industries in Indiana face a range of state and federal environmental protection laws. Despite best efforts to comply with regulations and often through no fault of the owner, violations occur, for which expensive remedies and cleanup may be required.

At Nelson Law Group LLC, in Indianapolis, we focus our practice on environmental protection law. Our services include helping property owners, small and medium-sized businesses and government entities effectively and efficiently respond to all types of environmental issues. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants with an emphasis on finding creative ways to solve our clients’ problems.

Our Practice Areas

CERCLA Responses
Air Quality Litigation
Environmental Law
RCRA Responses
Insurance Law
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
Demands From IDEM
Property Owner Environmental Damage Claims
Responding To Agreed Orders
Business Operator Environmental Damage Claims
Nelson Law Group LLC

We Do More Than Respond To Environmental Issues

As experienced environmental lawyers, we work aggressively to evaluate all possible sources of funding to help pay for any investigation or remediation that may be necessary. Clients come to us for assistance in determining appropriate measures to ensure that all responsible parties pay their share and the burdens of compliance are not placed solely on our clients.

When you hire us, we review your available insurance resources to determine the extent of coverage available for recovering your costs. We also look at current and former owners, current and former operators and surrounding properties to ensure costs are spread equitably among all responsible parties. In addition, we negotiate with cleanup and repair services to help reduce the costs of bringing your contaminated property into compliance.

We serve as broad and diverse of a client base as possible, making our services available to all businesses and local governments and those who do not otherwise believe they can afford experienced legal counsel.

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