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I Received A Demand Letter from IDEM. What Do I Do?

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is the state agency responsible for making sure property owners and businesses operating in the state comply with state and/or federal environmental regulations. If you are a property owner or operate a business in the state and have received a demand from IDEM to address an issue regarding contaminated soil, water or air quality, it will be important to respond appropriately.

If you receive an IDEM letter, contact Nelson Law Group LLC in Indianapolis. Our clients include property owners, local governments and businesses at locations throughout Indiana. Attorney Michael Nelson has been recognized as one of Indiana’s pre-eminent lawyers in all areas related to environmental regulatory law, compliance and insurance coverage. He will review your IDEM demand letter and explain your options for appealing or proposing an agreement to satisfy the state’s concerns.

Responsive To Your Schedule And Your Budget

You will find Nelson Law Group LLC easy to work with, responsive and available to meet with you on your schedule and at a place of your convenience. We know that an unexpected cleanup demand or compliance program can have a serious impact on your budget. We offer reasonable fees and are flexible regarding payment options.

Insurance Coverage May Reduce Your Financial Exposure

Many business owners and operators may not know whether their commercial insurance policy covers the cost of environmental cleanup and compliance costs. Our lawyer will search diligently through all your available policies and work aggressively to determine whether your policies provide appropriate coverage, properly tender the claim to your insurers, and negotiate with your insurers to pay for or reduce your financial exposure. In addition, we also negotiate with cleanup contractors to help you get the most cost-effective services for your money.

Your Business Can Thrive After An IDEM Violation. Let Us Show You How.

From offices in Indianapolis, we have represented clients facing environmental IDEM violations at locations throughout Indiana. Call us toll-free at 800-771-4543 or use our convenient email contact form to request a free initial consultation.