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How To Deal With Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

If you own a gas station or other business requiring an underground fuel or chemical storage tank in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) pays close attention to your operations. A release from an underground storage tank will result in a violation and demand to rectify the environmental hazard immediately. Owners of property that have previously leased to such businesses can have the same issues.

If you are aware of an underground storage tank leak on your property or you have already received a demand from IDEM, contact Nelson Law Group LLC in Indianapolis. Under the direction of attorney Michael Nelson, with more than 17 years of practice in the area of environmental law and insurance coverage, the firm has assisted businesses in communities throughout Indiana.

Representing Tank Owners And Operators Statewide

Our clients range from sole proprietors of a small-town gas station to large oil distributors and manufacturing facilities. We understand compliance issues and will work efficiently and effectively to help you respond to EPA, CERCLA and RCRA notifications, as well as complying with Agreed Orders. Additionally, we will help you obtain the insurance coverage and policy settlement you need to resolve the problem.

In addition to environmental compliance and insurance coverage, we negotiate with environmental cleanup companies to secure the most efficient and cost-effective services available.

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