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Environmental Damage And Insurance Law

When your business or property in Indiana suffers damage or interruption because of weather, fire or other catastrophic events, you have insurance to cover the cost of repair or reconstruction. When facing the high cost of environmental damage resulting from a leaking storage tank or a release of contaminants, you may not know whether you are covered under your commercial general liability (CGL) policy.

For more than 17 years, Nelson Law Group LLC has been helping property owners and small and mid-size business owners throughout Indiana determine the applicability of insurance policies and, where appropriate, recover insurance costs for environmental investigation, containment and cleanup.

We Help You Find Insurance Coverage For Environmental Damage Costs

In addition to litigation services, we assist policyholders in seeking and negotiating insurance coverage for claims related to environmental damage. Our statewide services include:

  • Finding and analyzing historical insurance policies
  • Assisting clients in the claims process
  • Representing policyholders in court actions against insurers to obtain coverage, when necessary

We have worked to obtain coverage for our clients from insurance policies that date all the way back to the 1960s — before many of the current EPA and Indiana regulations were put in place. The coverage we find is often sufficient to pay for the costs of investigating and remediating the contamination on our clients’ property.

Keeping Cleanup And Legal Costs Affordable

Once funds are available, we work hard to negotiate a fair cost for cleanup services. We often work directly with the business owner, his or her environmental consultant or the insurance company responsible for policy coverage.

As far as our own fees are concerned, Nelson Law Group LLC offers hourly, fixed-fee and contingency arrangements for insurance matters. In many cases, negotiating or litigating for policy coverage will also incorporate the cost of legal fees paid to our firm.

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You May Be Covered And Not Even Know It — Find Out Today

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